Layout Tours

At least 18 layout tours (open houses and some operating sessions) are planned for the convention, to take place in two time periods each day and organized by geographic zones to make it easier to see several in one trip.

Download a copy of the Layout Tour Schedule here

Among the layouts featured will be the following.

Bill Messecar: Santa Fe (HO Scale)

Bill Messecar’s HO scale Santa Fe layout models the Los Angeles area between San Bernardino and Los Angeles, and features a number of beautiful industry structures, including an action-packed icing platform and many fruit packing plants.

Lee Marsh: Great Northern Cascade Division (HO Scale)

Lee Marsh’s HO Great Northern Cascade Division is well known to readers of “Great Model Railroads” and features towering Cascade Mountain scenery and the active town of Everett, WA.

Burr Stewart: Burlington Northern Seattle Region (HO/HOn3 Scale)

Burr Stewart’s HO/HOn3 Burrlington Northern Seattle Region layout fills an 800 sq. ft. basement and features 1973-era diesels of many paint schemes, typical of the prototype BN.

Mike O’Connell: Proto:48 (O Scale)

Mike O’Connell’s O scale Proto:48 masterpiece of a layout features at least one of each kit that he has produced over the years, as the past founder of Chooch Enterprises.

Scot Buckley: Tehama Valley (HO Scale)

Scott Buckley’s HO “Tehama Valley Railroad” is set in the steam era in northern California and features open and realistic scenery with detailed trestles, bridges and buildings.