Modeling With the Masters®

The MWTM® Program features hands-on clinics presented by modelers who have earned the title Master Model Railroader® (MMR®) through their successful participation in the NMRA’s Achievement Program.

The clinics are normally one day or half day activities designed to work on a particular modeling skill or within a modeling category. In Tacoma we are working on a task identified by our attendees. The most probable challenge will be either a scratch built woo flat car or a scratch built structure in styrene. The objective of the activity is to learn new or to improve existing skills and not necessarily to complete a project for the modeler’s layout or to earn AP credit. (Those may be possible but are not the intended purpose) Experience indicates that MWTM provides a “safe” opportunity for individuals to try something new without admitting they don’t know how to do something. The MWTM activity normally commences on Wednesday afternoon and completes Thursday morning so participants can get full value from convention activities.

Those who participate will be provided an advance issue of the project instructions and a list of tools recommended for the project. The Masters will also have on hand some less frequently owned tools for participant use. There will also be an opportunity to experiment with various adhesives appropriate to the project.

The Modeling With The Masters project for the 2023 convention will be 

Construction of a Wood Flat Car

The project will involve the cut and fit of lumber and other materials, the use of jigs and other techniques for model construction, and simple finishing techniques.  The materials for the model, including all wood, and other materials necessary will be provided. Trucks for the model will not be a part of the project package and must be provided by the modeler. Kadee couplers will be provided for body mount. Jigs to assist in the assembly of the project will be provided for use during the clinic. The model will be completed in HO Scale.

This project was selected because of the variety of skills and techniques used in construction and the introduction to scratch building cars, a required element of the Achievement Program. The completed project, if done properly, should satisfy the “scratch” requirement for AP Cars and may be eligible for a Merit Award. 

If you wish to participate in this special extra fare clinic, please register promptly and indicate your desires on the registration form.

Thanks for your support of NMRA, PNR and the MWTM Program.

Jack Hamilton, MMR Lead Instructor