Welcome to the world of modular railroading 

2023 is the 50th anniversary of NTRAK. As part of that celebration, the Prairie Line Experience has asked the 4dNTRK group to offer a special layout for attendees to experience what modular railroading offers. The layout comprises 34 modules extending over 120 linear feet. There are two yards,43 industries and over 80car spots. You are invited to experience railroad operations in a low key, low stress environment. If you have never participated in an operations session, this gets your feet wet for an hour or so without worrying that you don’t know what to do or worrying that everybody else is an expert in operations. It is meant to provide some additional fun. If you want a little more challenge, you can act as yard master—making up and breaking down trains—or you can take a train out to Black River Island via the ferry. Loading and unloading the ferry must be done carefully so you don’t tip it and dump your cars into the Sound.

Depending on the volunteer staffing we get, the layout will probably be open over lunch and after dinner Thursday and Friday and on Saturday before the banquet. If we get more volunteers to man the layout, we will be open more often. Check the Sonic Room. If the door is open, we are ready to hand you a throttle, a switchlist and set you to work.

If you would like some additional information before working on the Pacific Northwest Railroad, download the Convention Operations Manual, here: