Refund Policy

Each year the Pacific Northwest Region conducts an annual convention of the members. The underlying purpose of the convention is to support the required Annual General Membership meeting and satisfy the educational rationale for the Region. The convention is supported administratively by one of the Region Divisions, identified as the Host Committee for a given year. Region Policy rotates the Host assignment.

The planning and conduct of the convention involve specific financial parameters and include some degree of financial risk for the Host Division and the Region. The Region earns revenue from convention revenues through a preset “attendance fee .”The Division retains any excess revenues after all convention expenses are paid. Because of the fiscal climate in the post-COVID economy, many convention-related financial arrangements have changed significantly. Primary among the changes is the ability of the Host Committee to arrange appropriate room rates for attendees and contract required facilities for the convention at the lowest possible cost. The room rate is typically based on a guaranteed occupancy rate, and the facility rate is based on facility space use and a food and drink minimum. As the contracting agent for the hotel room and facility spaces, the Host Committee carries the financial risk of failing to meet contract minimums. Accordingly, the fee rate for fare (full or partial) rate activities and extra fare activities is set to cover the convention costs. Because any refunds of fare items have a detrimental impact on the Host Committees’ ability to meet financial obligations, a set policy for fare refunds is established.

Registration Refunds

  1. Registration fare will be announced in ample time for potential attendees to determine their ability to attend the convention.
  2. Full fare registration, the primary means of meeting financial obligations for the convention, will not be refunded without a specific and formal request for refund filed with the convention registrar.
  3. Refunds for fares paid using a credit card or similar will have the card-related charges applied to the refund. The registrant bears the cost of card use.
  4. Refunds are available as follows (based on the May 10, 2023 convention start date):
    a. Requests received before January 10, 2023 – 100 percent.
    b. Requests received before February 10, 2023 – 66 percent.
    c. Requests receiver before March 10, 2023 – 33 Percent.
    d Requests received after March 10, 2023 – No refund.

Extra Fare Refunds

  1. Extra fare activities are based on the cost to provide any such activity. In some cases, such as bus transportation or group admission, the Host Committee pays a fixed upfront cost. Other activities such as self-drive layout tours involve considerable planning and the cost of preparing supporting materials. Extra fare activities will include a ticket for participation in the specific activity. A valid ticket will be required for individual participation.
  2. For extra fare items involving contracted support, no refund will be available. The Host Committee will assist the attendee in selling forward their ticket to the activity.
  3. For non-contract activities, refunds will be available for not more than 50 percent of the fare cost with requests received no later than February 10, 2023
  4. For non-contract activities, refunds will not be available for requests received after February 10, 2023

Hotel Refunds

Matters related to reservation of hotel rooms, payment for rooms, and refunds are under the hotel’s control. The Host Committee has no responsibility regarding hotel charges for any attendee.